Membership is $10.00

Parents can become a member by completing a membership form at the concession stand or spirit shop.  Parents must be a member if his/her child plans on applying for a scholarship.

Membership Form

The Andrew Athletic Booster Club supports all athletic teams. We provide support to the Athletic Department in helping defer the cost of uniforms, warm-ups and equipment along with awards, scholarships and a host of other events.

The majority of our fundraising comes from the $10.00 booster membership fee, profits of the concession stand, spirit-wear and variety show. Becoming a member of the Booster Club is easy, and can be done on line at the time of registering and paying school fees, schedule pick-up day, any booster meeting, any football game or calling any of the directors. Joining the booster club shows support of the Athletic Teams. We encourage members to join the meetings on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 7pm to see and hear about the upcoming events and to become more involved.

Below is a snapshot of where the money has gone during past years.

Program Amount
Athletic Department General Fund* $7,000
Uniform Rotation $7,000
Chevrons and Awards $12,000
Scholarships $10,2000
VJA Hall of Fame $3,950
D230 Foundation $500
Senior Party $10,000
Presentation Flowers $700
Homecoming Fireworks $500
Sound System Football/Track $15,000
Softball Scoreboard $8,000
Andrew Fest $500
Future Pergola or Gazebo $5,000
Boys Track, Softball and Baseball $900
Baseball Scoreboard $4,000
Tables Skirt and Cover $650
Boys Tennis Uniforms $1,500
Insurance $630

We also donated money to the Tinley Wish, Volley for a Cure and Cure It.

*Athletic Department General Fund $7000 (this allowed payment towards the Boys’ Soccer jersey’s, sports drink station, signs and letters for the main gym, flowers for the Hall of Fame dinner, swim clock, wrestling equipment, data cables, interface and reset buttons for Water Polo, software and clock, LED panel for swim scoreboard, baseballs, soccer balls, customer sports awards and sport surfaces